Frequently Asked Questions

How can I pay for a walk or an experience?

Payment can be made directly on InsideOutJapan website by credit card.

Is it possible to change the date of the experience booked?

Please reach us through our CONTACT page to arrange alternative solutions.

What happens if I'm late for a walk or an experience?

Out of respect for other customers, the walk or experience must leave at the designated time. Unfortunately, we will not be able to wait for late customers and will not provide refunds.

Are walks or experiences ever cancelled?

Due to force majeure events (such as earthquakes, floods, weather conditions, acts and restrictions imposed by government authorities, civil unrest, war, accidents, pandemics), the walks/experiences might be canceled and will be refunded.

Can you arrange private walks or experiences?

Yes. Please contact us through our CONTACT page to receive details about private walks/experiences.

Is there a minimum age to participate in a walk or an experience?

Drinking experiences are only possible for customers over the age of 20, as this is the legal drinking age in Japan. All other walks or experiences have no age limit.

Can people with disabilities participate in a walk or an experience?

Some walks and experiences can be very challenging for clients with limited motor skills or who use wheelchairs. Many of our walks and experiences have a lot of walking; please contact us if you are concerned about this. We will help you choose the most appropriate experience.

Do you offer vegan experiences?

We offer some vegan experiences, where a vegan lunch snack or dinner is provided, depending on the experience. Please look up this option in the ``Vegan Food Tours`` section of the website.

Can someone with food allergies or intolerances participate in an experience?

We don't recommend participation in food experiences in case of food allergies or intolerances. Due to the nature of the food tour, we can't guarantee a 100% allergen-free menu since cross-contamination is always possible, and we are not directly in charge of the kitchen.

What happens if it rains on the date of the walk or experience?

The walk or experience will take place as scheduled. The itinerary may vary according to weather conditions.

Can I smoke during a walk or experience?

All our walks and experiences are no smoking. In Japan, you're not allowed to smoke while walking on the street; we don't make stops at the smoking areas. Also, most of the restaurants are no smoking.

Any other questions? Contact us directly.

If you have any additional questions concerning our services, please reach us through our CONTACT page.